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How low will Bitcoin go?

After the highs over this last weekend and Bitcoin edging towards the $20k, Bitcoin seems to be slowing drafting back to earth like a snowflake. One minute it goes up a little and slowly drifts down a little before another puff of wind blows it back up and little all the time slowly falling lower and lower.

We’ve all heard talks of how high will Bitcoin go and I guess can still go, but for now, it makes me wonder how low bitcoin will fall before levelling out and then going back up, that if it will do!!


I guess only time will tell how Bitcoin will play out, but one thing for sure it’s been an amazing year for Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies.

Will 2018 be another amazing year for Bitcoin and of the other coins, for me, I’m thinking it will be, this is only the beginning. What’s happened this year with Bitcoin has opened the eyes of people who never knew anything about Bitcoin with all the media around Bitcoin. I’m sure it will be another amazing year ahead and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Have an amazing 2018 with your coins!!!!!

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