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Which Altcoins will do well in 2018

Which Altcoins will do well in 2018

I guess many of you out there wish you had a whole Bitcoin or two but now owning a whole Bitcoin seems out the reach for many of us.

There are a good number of coins which are less than a dollar and in the long run, could make you some money as well as owning a full coin or two, okay maybe a few hundred or thousand.



If you had bought $100 worth of Tron at the beginning of December at the price of $0.0021 you would have had 47,619 of them. At today price per Tron, currently at $0.17 as I write, your $100 would now be $8,094!! That’s not a bad gain, where else would you earn that much money from $100 in that short period of time?

I still believe in Dogecoin and I hope it continues to go up in value, with going over one cent a few times now, before dropping back. Verge is another coin which could go big during the course of the year, I guess like so many other coins too, just knowing which ones will.

Which coin do you think will gain more in value over the year?

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