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Have we seen the lowest point that Bitcoin will go?

Have we seen the lowest point that Bitcoin will go?

Not too long ago I write how low will Bitcoin drop in price before it levels out and indeed start to climb back in price.

Over the last 24 hours, we have seen Bitcoin in the mid 6K range, about a 72% drop in the to what it was back in December. Now is that the lowest or will Bitcoin continue to fall even further?


I know on the front of it I’m earning more in the Faucet’s while Bitcoin is lower than it was, which is good because when it does start to go back up in value my amount will be worth more.

I do feel sorry for those who bought Bitcoin back when it was $15K plus, but just hold on to them, don’t sell because over time Bitcoin will go back up I value.

Are you enjoying the NEW low Bitcoin price?

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