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Bitcoin and other coins go up in value

Bitcoin and other coins gone up in value

Since I wrote the other day all coins have seen a climb in price YAY. Maybe that the lowest we going to be seeing Bitcoin after reaching the dizzy heights of 20K in December and since then, been slowly falling to just over 6K the other day. Currently Bitcoin is just a little over 8k at $8200

Will it be that Bitcoin will steadily climb back towards 20K and beyond, do you think? Maybe, I sure that Bitcoin and many other coin will now start to climb in value. This could be a good year for many of us out there. Don’t sell yet, there the big times coming. Myself I’ve always been in it for the long team although I can understand and having that feeling of selling, I did back in December but held off.

I’m also glad to see a new coin add to Faucethub, Potcoin. Okay it’s been there for about a week now as I write this. More the better I say, I hope they continue to add more coins with time building up your Cryptocurrency portfolio.  Here is a link to one good Faucet which is currently paying over half million Potoshis, enjoy!

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