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Where will Bitcoin go this week coming?

Where will Bitcoin go this week coming?

Last week we saw Bitcoin gained some of the lost which happened at the start of the year, so where will Bitcoin go this week?

Since going back over 10K it seems to be steady, going up a little then falling back a little, but all in all it been steady at around 10,600.

This week coming as I Write I can see Bitcoin climbing steady and maybe reach $12,500-13000 and nothing like the gains we saw in the back of 2017. I do think it won’t take Bitcoin long to get back to about the 20K, maybe in the next month or so before it continues to climb to around 25-30K about June. Okay I might well be wrong, I could be so wrong, but for now that is how I feel Bitcoin will be from what I been reading and watching online

Where do you see Bitcoin come June? What do you think Bitcoin will do this week?

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