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What if?



Over the last few years more and more people have got to know about Bitcoin, what Bitcoin is and what Bitcoin is all about along with other cryptocurrency too. 

Many people jump into Bitcoin when it was sailing high at close to 20k which seems now like a life time ago now!! But can you remember back in 2011 how much Bitcoin was worth? No, not many people can, but what if you invested, say $100 back in 2011 into Bitcoin and how much would that $100 be worth now? Have you ever wondered how much you could have made if you had invested in Bitcoin in the early days of Bitcoin, I’m sure we all have?

If you go to the “What if” page, link below, you will find out much you could have.

Have fun dreaming of spending all that cash if you had invested back in 2011 or what year you would have.

Here is still time to make money with Bitcoin, this is only the start of Cryptocurrency, Bits of Bitcoin helps you to build your Cryptocurrency one click at a time, one day we all could be rich and living the dream!!!

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