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Bitcoin has been steady around $5,000

Not too long ago Bitcoin in the 3200-3600 range for some time then suddenly jumped up to a little over $4,000 before dropping back down to the high $3,000.

Then more or less over night it went to over $5,000 and as been steady for the last few weeks. Now and again dipping back Below 5k but not for long.

So what going to happen over the next few months? Will bitcoin stay steady around 5k or will it slowly start to climb? If you remember back 2 years ago I think we were seeing something like this until around September of 2017 when Bitcoin start to climb really high, could it happen all over again? I guess only time will tell if it does or not. Myself I’m happy with if for now, okay I would love to see it go big but for now I don’t have enough, let me get more Bitcoin then it can sky rocket.

Do you have enough Bitcoin now so when Bitcoin goes really high you would be rich?

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