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Changes to Bits of Bitcoin


Changes to Bits of Bitcoin

If you have been coming to Bit of Bitcoin over the last six month or so, you will have noticed a change in things today. A change that from now you must register and sign in to be able to use the Faucet.

Okay, the website is a working progress and I’m always trying out new things trying to make the website better for everyone. Today was different. Today I decided it was to add in a sign in page because of a few reasons, one being attacked by “BOTS”. I’m sure most websites get attacked by BOTS” from time to time, which is annoying at the best of time. I’m hoping that with having to sign up to the website it might my put a stop to the “BOTS”.

Now once you have sign up to he sign, you have a profile page, you can add a Blog post, if you wanted to.

Once you are register and signed in you are good to go!!!

Enjoy and have a wonderful Crypto Day!

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