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Bitcoin at $6,000

Bitcoin at 6000

Bitcoin at $6,000

I think it was about a week ago when I said I’m sure within the next week or so that Bitcoin would reach $6,000.

I know that over the last few days Bitcoin has gone over $6,000 briefly then dropped back, but it seems that for now that Bitcoin will be staying over the $6,000 mark.

Is this the start of something bigger, could Bitcoin reach the dizzy heights of $20,000? It would be nice to see, and I guess only time will tell if it will do, or not.

I’m sure that many people who bought Bitcoin at a high price will be glad to see it slowly climbing back up in value. Did you buy Bitcoin when it was high? Have you ever bought any Bitcoin? I’ve never bought any Bitcoin, what I have I’ve earned online, which I’m sure I will continue to do. I do keep thinking that I should really buy some Bitcoin.

How fat do you think Bitcoin will go in the coming months?

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