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Points and what they are used for.

You earn points for being active on the website from login in to posting a post. There are 8 ways to earn points, the more points you have the more Satoshi you can exchange them for. Start collecting them today!

First you will need to sign up and login, once you are login it you will see your profile page and the number of points you have. You get points for signing up. In your profile you will see the store where you can exchange your point for Satoshi. Once you have exchanged your points you will see Satoshi in your websites Bitcoin wallet.

Ways to earn points.

8 Ways To Earn points

  • Register 
  • Log in 
  • Comment on a post
  • Get a comment on a post
  • Publish a new post
  • Change profile photo
  • Change cover photo
  • Update profile description

What are you waiting for, sign up today and start collecting points.